Monday, December 23, 2013

Girls' Generation exuded their talents at their own Christmas concert

At whole stadium where 'SMTOWN WEEK GIRLS’ GENERATION “Märchen Fantasy”! ' placed, were completely filled with enthusiastic and surprising performances left the viewers in awe.

The whole arrangement was sophisticated with a vivid theme of Christmas and fantasy. The girls all dressed up as their own character and fully delivered their covertly hidden messages. They really transformed to their character that really surprised us by their emotional voices and unbearable costumes.

Taeyeon, never disappointed the fans, she clearly showed her capable gifted singing skills. Her voices were so emotional through her solo of 'My Grown Up Christmas List'. Her high tones were staggering, and touched all the viewers' hearts to remain silence. 

Jessica, the definite one that can't be neglected in the shiniest performance tonight. She was a prettiest Miss Korea tonight through her cover of Lee Hyori's 'Miss Korea'. She showed her mature side and amazing high tones with sexy dance moves that made the crowd went wild and exciting.

Tiffany, 'Wow' wouldn't enough to describe her duel performance with Onew (SHINee). She performed with her full heart and her best just for the fans. She also shared her duel part with Yuri in 'Ma Boy' of Sistar19. The fanservice was also exciting that all controlled by Tiffany.

Seohyun, amazingly finished her song after an impressing start. As Seohyun lifted her voice, as well as strum her chord, the room filled with a deep feeling in awe. Seohyun successfully delivered her innocent image and be titled as 'Taylor Seoswift.' The fans accessed that she improved a lot from her vocal skills to her guitar skills.

Sunny, always the happy vitamin in any situations. Once again, Sunny really showed her position in capable voice as she performed 'Bloom'. Her voice must be very capable to sing this high tone and fresh song. Sunny also showed her mature side in hot red outfit.

Sooyoung, excessively showed a sexy side of a shikshin. She also showed her capable singing through her stable voice management even while a hard dance move. She definitely received lot of positive responds and fanchants.

Yoona, the happy one. Although, she didn't have a chance to shine like other members, she still managed to successfully accomplish her role as a member of Girls' Generation, her singing sections and her attitudes towards the fans.

Yuri, always friendly and responsible for the night's gag. She also showed her capability in singing through 'Ma Boy' duel with Tiffany. She also showed gorgeous S-line through wave movements from the original choreography. 

Hyoyeon, who always smile. Although, she didn't have the same chance as other members like Yoona, she still brought some silliness as some fanacc stated. 

The performances went up to 24 amazing songs from the girls' efforts contributed in for this astonishing night. There are additional efforts be put in by the girls through observing the quality of each performances. 

The viewers and especially the fans were be able to witness their comeback's teaser. As viewing some fancams, it seems like some kind of racing cars theme. However, let's anticipate in their comeback!

Source: Fancams, TC Korea
Translation and written: totoropie @TheSoneSource 

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