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Taengstagram of October (2013)

Here is the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates for the month of October from Taeyeon.

하루가다지나갔다 #탱구네일"
"an entire day's gone by #TaengooNail"


"둘다 배탈중. 여러분 몸관리잘하세욤 개도 사람도️오늘 참 상태가 좋지않앗네요
너무 못생겨서 놀라실까봐 가렷스빈다 앞으로 안아프고 더 예쁘도록
"We're both having stomachaches. Everyone, take good care of your bodies,
both dogs and humans My body condition didn't seem to be very well today.
I was afraid you'd get a shock because I looked too ugly so I covered myself up.
I'll put in effort to be well and be even prettier in the future. Goodnight. #TAENGUDNIGHT"

"#반곱슬 #잔머리 ️"
"#halfcurly #littlehairs"
"#반곱슬 #잔머리 ️"
"#halfcurly #littlehairs"

"지금 하늘에 반짝이는거! "
"2012.도쿄는예뻤다. w/수영"
(w/ Sooyoung)


"역시불편해 #이마까"
"as expected, it's uncomfortable #ExposeForehead"

"how do you all relieve stress?"
"having a morning meeting"


"서현아 니폰이상해... 아니. 네 폰언니랑바꾸겠니?️"
"Seohyun ah, your phone is strange...
no. are you going switch your phone with unnie's?️"

"Today's recording is finally over️ We are the middle of preparing for an album too!
It will be released soon! It isn't because I didn't focus it on purpose, it was broken hehe"

Translation: totoropie @TheSoneSource

"http://ift.tt/1a014oV 나도한표 #YTMA 인스타도유투브랑친하게지내뱌"
"one vote for me too. instagram, try getting along with youtube too."
In the picture:
" Our daily lives are very similar to experiencing love.

Has there any single day in life
Where it has been calm
Flowers blossom wonderfully
But suddenly rain rushes towards then falls and snowstorms come afterward.

But if we were able to live as we love,
Would that is not a successful life?

Rather than living in a stale and numb life lacking of feeling,
Being sad, happy, admired someone, inspired, lonely, having fun...
Isn't that what a real living is?

Even now emotions are on a lever, full of hope then full of dread.
To be filled with happiness but then immerse in depression... do you still feel it?
Then perhaps your are now in love with life by itself."

Translation: totoropie @TheSoneSource

"털같은게필요하다 #coldoutside"
"I need something that is similar to fur #coldoutside "

"으으 살랴주세요"
"Eu eu save me please"

"A YO #smtown #gg"

"kyungsoo hulk"

"w/ 피콜로찡 # halloween"
"with piccolo # halloween"

"민종오라버니^^형진오라버니^^소시^^ #smtown #halloween #party "
"Minjong Orabeoni^^ Hyungjin Orabeoni ^^
Soshi^^ #smtown #halloween #party

*was commonly used a long time ago, nowadays instead of saying
오라버니, (orabeoni) we say 오빠 (o-ppa)

Translation: totoropie @TheSoneSource

"할로윈기념으로 sm식구들끼리 경품추천! 수많은 숫자중에
전 순결한 19번을 뽑았답니다. 안타깝게도 아무것도 받지못했지만요......
전 그래도 기분이좋았어요 할로윈이니까요^^ #화질왜이러죠"

"To celebrate Halloween, the sm family had giveaways! Out of the members
I picked out number 19. Sadly, though I didn't manage to get anything......
I was still in a happy mood since it's Halloween^^
"한분한분 소중하게 직접 분장해드렸습니다^^ #smtown #halloween #만행
아무것도 모르고 다들 즐기고 계시더군요^^ 정말 스릴넘치는 순간이였습니다"

"Each by each, I passionately put on some makeup for them ^^
#smtown #halloween#cruelty Without being informed, everyone was just enjoying
their time there^^ I was pretty a thrilling moment"

Translation: totoropie @TheSoneSource

"Who else, dresses like Minion?"

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See her Instagram posts in September (2013)

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