Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Sunny of October (2013)

Here is the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates for the month of October coming from your aegyo queen Sunny!

"오랜만이다그치?!잘있었오~?? Long time no see!!!! Wassssssup?!?!"
"it's been a while, right?! have you been well~?? Long time no see!!!! Wassssssup?!?!"

@Taipei101 #꽃보다할배 On air live now!! Go watch "
"at the Taipei 101 tower!!!! the unseen director's cut episode of 'grandpas over flowers'
airs soon!!!! watch the original/live broadcast~!!!!^^*
@Taipei101 #GrandpasOverFlowers On air live now!! Go watch "
>_<* Designed by Sunny♥ #banana #nails"

"이거므야왜맛있지달달허니좋넹~ Sweet things♥ #pink #candypop"
[Sunny Tweet] "Sunnyday515: 세종대왕님 멋져! 한글 멋져!! 더 아끼고 더 잘 써서 좋은 말들로, 좋은 노래들로 우리말 한글을 널리 알릴께요♥ 감사합니다!!!"

Singapore!!! Put it back oooon~ kkkk!! See ya♥ #ggtour"
"S.Save me, Prince!!!! Help!!! Prince trying to eat me!!!!!
Fluffy prince. His korean name is #HwangFluffy"
"무대올라갈준비중~~!!!지금간다간다간다~~!!!!! See you at the stage!!^^♥"
"is preparing for the stage~~!!!I'm going going going now~~!!!!!
See you at the stage!!^^♥"
다들빠잉~베이징에서봐용!!!^^ See ya in Beijing! :)♥"
"flight..enjoy if you can't avoid!!!!!!!huge shopping at airport bookstoreㅋㅋ
bye all~see you at Beijing!!!^^ See ya in Beijing! :)♥"

"#긴규 가오고있어 (LongKyu is coming)!!!!!!!
WOW! My hair has grown so fast!!! Don't you think so?!"
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