Friday, August 30, 2013

Talking About the Abs

Recently, an entertainment news about the idols and their hot abs were featured. This also includes the members of Girls' Generation particularly Hyoyeon and Yuri. Know for their dancing styles and sexy abs, let's also figure out how did they achieve their abs (in particular) and maintain it at the same time.


Credits to VenusHyoyeon

Hyoyeon drinks and goes to parties, but because of her dancing skills, she has maintained her body well. On the other hand, Yuri does the work and managed to achieve the 600 crunches (awesome!).

Here are my favorite photos of Yuri and Hyoyeon while showing their abs (taken from different sources via the Internet).
Here, Yuri shows her famous "trident abs". Its very defined with muscles
And Hyoyeon's abs

Well, it's up to you guys of which technique you will follow, but only two things are for sure - it will need discipline and motivation - in everything you do.

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