Sunday, February 16, 2014

SooYoung on Weibo and Instagram

Aside from using UFO, Sooyoung finally got attached to the power of the social networking sites!

(Sooyoung with the SoShi Cupcakes)

"컵케익 위에 우디가있어 엄흐ㅓ나긔여우디*_*"
"There is a Woody on a cupcake! Ohe I am a cute woddy!"
(trans totoropie@thesonesource)
 Welcome SooYoung to the world of Weibo and Instagram!

"Thx to all my macao fans for congratulating my bday!!
The pink ocean was so fabulous today!! Never say goodbye;)"

It is a legit account, Hyoyeon and Sunny
already followed her Instragram Account

"망내 체리 @체@리"
"maknae, cherri. @/che@/rri"

"My name is @mori"

"I'M @suri"

"쪼꼬미체리;) #cherri #이제알았어"

Sooyoung & Yuri Instagram Comments)
syofgg : "what about the tag, how are you supposed to do it
syofgg : "it’s not a Heㅜㅜ she! Her!ㅜㅜ"
yulyulk : "real maknae yuri #yulyulk"
yulyulk : "I am yuri"
syofgg : "what [comments] did yuri leaveㅜㅜㅜㅜ how do you find yuri’s
comments, where are they"
syofgg : "official homepage app??????????????"


"잊지말자. #랑 #레드진매직오일"

#내가왜이러니 허뤼허뤼보이 너를원해

"Smile;) #쌍란 #brunch""Smile;) #TwoEggs #brunch"
Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource

Soo's profile pic

Soo's profile pic

"getting off work;)"

trans ch0sshi


"Beijing duck;) yummyyy[馋嘴]"


"사랑해요 서수쿵:)"

"Beautiful #sone #taiwan #missyoutoo"

Accordingly to
TheSoneSource, usually its sones in that country who
donated with the girls name. the girls arent the type who
donate then show off. sooyoung update this to thanks sones.

"잘먹을게요;) thank you ^3^ #수영갤러리"
"I will eat this well;) thank you ^3^ #GalleryOfSooyoung"

Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource

Sooyoung with Wicked Musical Cast
leejeehoon79 IG

Sooyoung changed her ID on weibo to @forever_young24
So don't be confused if the previous one doesn't exists anymore. 

Follow her at Weibo:
syofgg :

Follow her in Instagram:

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