Thursday, May 23, 2013

SooYoung with other Cast of Dating Agency: Cyrano on Press Conference

Girls' Generation's Choi Sooyoung who will play a lead role (Gong Minyoung) in an upcoming drama "Dating Agency: Cyrano", was present in the press conference despite of her busy schedules an held on May 22nd. Together with her co-stars, they captivated the press's attention.
Regarding to her involvement in the drama, Sooyoung said

“It’s true that at first, being the lead role in itself was a burden. However, the seniors and juniors here, along with the director, lead me well, and thanks to their help, I’m having fun filming.”

Also, Sooyoung mentioned the influence and support she gained from her co-members
“Even if we (Girls’ Generation) do individual activities, we’re the types to have a meeting as a group. We discuss things like, ‘There’s a script like this, I think this person is going to be in it’, and are the types to generally share [this information]. All the members supported me when I decided on appearing in this drama. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to them.”

The fans also never fail to support their idol. They collected a total of 1000 kg of rice with a purpose of donations and sent messages through wreaths. The fansite that provided these help is called SooHeart24.
The left wreath in the first picture, from Sooyoung Gallery, reads, “Minyoung~ take customers in groups. Clients♡single since birth”, making a reference to Gong Minyoung, the character Sooyoung will be starring as. The wreath on the right says, “Hey, Choi Sooyoung! I heard you’re doing a drama?? Our Actress Choi is great”.

The teasers for the drama "Dating Agency: Cyrano" received an overwhelming positive response and it is anticipated that the first episode to be aired on May 27th.
When asked, who among her co-members she would like to bring in the Cyrano Agency, Sooyoung chose Seohyun - the maknae of Girls′ Generation (SNSD).
"I think it would be fun to bring Seohyun to the agency."

She added that it was because when she reads the script, Seohyun shows the most interest.
"Since Seohyun is so young and pure, I think she would accept the idea of manipulating love easily and make it fun," she said.
When someone requested Sooyoung offer Seohyun a special role in the drama, she said to cheers from her male co-stars, "I do want to. I think it will be possible as long as her schedule is free."


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Watch the teasers here 

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