Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dear Mom (Show) - Live Performance

It's mother's day! Let SoShis give you some important thoughts about this precious day on our mothers.

Here, Tiffany finally revealed the loneliness in her heart. Also, Yoona's mother left them before when she's young. It actually made me cry because, I too, love my mother very much. I guess, all of us love our mothers to the point that we can't really voice out what we feel but mothers can understand us...

I just can't find the full video of this show, so if you do know, please share it with us.
This video can be a fan made video and thanks to Apple Sammie for sharing this compilation via YouTube!

This song, "Dear Mom" really struck right straight in my heart.

Seohyun and her Mom
[Trans] "Mom...Thank you for giving all your love to me. I will be a daughter that you can be proud of"
 Yuri and her Mom
[Trans] "I can't find the words to decribe how thankful I am. I love you. I thank you for the infinite love and words of support."

Sooyoung and her Mom
[Trans] "I know Mom loves me a lot. I know i can't love my mom more than she loves me, but I love her more than anything. To the greatest happiness of my life...."

Hyoyeon and her Mom
[Trans] "Mom~ Hi >.< thank you for giving life to me, and raising me. Love you."

[Trans] "I will work harder to be a better daughter. I miss you and love you."

Jessica with her Mom and Dad plus baby Krystal
[Trans] "I will be a lovely daughter that always smiles. Don't be sick. I love you"

Taeyeon and her Mom
[Trans] "Thank you for believing in my decision, and supporting me. I am proud of you and want to be like you mom."
Yoona and Tiffany

Sources: Soompi

For my mom! Happy Mother's Day...

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