Saturday, March 16, 2013

GG Goes to School

Girls' Generation Goes to School and often referred as GGTS is produced by MNet following the adventures of the Nine members of Girls' Generation.

Prior to their first album Into the New World, in which the show usually revolve and through the MNet show, the girls' travel and perform to the School of Rock. The show has 9 episodes (including the behind the scenes cut) that documents the events from their pre-debut years, meeting the other artist and taking every opportunity to be recognized as Idols. It was also narrated by Sungmin of Super Junior - another Boy Group of SMEntertainment.

Watch the first episodes here by clicking the Link!
Episode 1 part 1 part 2
Episode 2 part 1 part 2
Episode 3 part 1 part 2
Episode 4 part 1 part 2
Episode 5 part 1 part 2
Episode 6 part 1 part 2
Episode 7 part 1 part 2
Episode 8 part 1 part 2
Episode 9 part 1 part 2

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Thank you for soshisubsclassics for subbing and uploading these precious videos.

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