Monday, August 31, 2015

YoonA on 'GRAZIA' September 2015 Vol. 61

Here is YoonA and she's looking fierce.

Wearing a furry green coat that envelopes her slim figure, she jumps off the cover of the September issue with her darkly lined gaze and oversized choker. 
In the other pictures, she continues looking chic and edgy, pushing the limits of fashion.

It was also revealed that she was as bright and cheery as ever on set, showing no sign of exhaustion like a true professional. During the interview, she talked about a variety of things from her promotions as a part of Girls' Generation, her concerns, issues for women in their twenties, her preferred fashion styles, and more.

"I try to satisfy both what the fans want and what I want," she stated. "Because the style in this photo shoot is strong, the fans might be shocked. That's why even when I do makeup, I try to make a compromise toward the side that brings to life who I am rather than doing just an intense smokey look. Even if I do a drastic transformation, I think it is okay as long as there is something YoonA-like melted in there. I want to try different things bit by bit like that."

When asked if the comfortable and charming image shown in 'Channel Girls' Generation' is Girls' Generation in real life, YoonA replied, "That's right. We always get along like that." When asked how she recovers from tiring and difficult moments while promoting, she said, "Strength naturally comes to me because I'm with members overflowing with energy. They're people who give me strength just by being there." 

She definitely rocking these hard-to-pull-off high fashion Versace pieces with her wind-blown hair, seductive gaze, and those legs that go on for miles!

Source of article: AllKPop
Credits to videos: GRAZIA KOREA
Credits to photos: Grazia Korea 그라치아

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