Friday, August 07, 2015

Soshis on SONE+

On August 7, SMTOWN LIVE☆ place a message on SONE Plus

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+!!

The other day, SMTOWN LIVE was held in Tokyo and Osaka!!
At Osaka, the newly released song in Korea, "Party", was also performed♪

Even though it's just been released, everyone's fanchants were perfect~^^
Thank you very much☆

Also, on this stage during the MC, LIVE tour for the end of the year was announced~!!
There's still a while to go, but the members are really looking forward to get excited together with everyone at concerts, so everyone please prepare to have fun ^^♪

And it's already August!!
The hot days are continuing everyday, but how is everyone doing?
Stay hydrated and please have fun and listen to the song that's perfect for summer, "Party"♪
Last June 5, Hyoyeon also updated her blog post

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+. It's Hyoyeon <3

How are you all doing? The hot midsummer-like days are continuing, but did you all get the news about SNSD's Korean comeback?
Of course it's a Korean album, but I believe everyone in SONE PLUS+ will absolutely enjoy it as well. Please look forward to it ^^ Everyone's support is the souce of my energy <3

Well then, today's picture is this!! A two-shot of me and a wonderful smiley ring (laughs)
I know that there are times when it's summer and you're hot and agitated, but don't forget about smiling ^^
Alright, let's meet at LIVE MONSTER LIVE and SMTOWN <3

This is then followed by Yuri on June 19

Good evening everyone in SONE PLUS+.
It's Yuri.

Long time no see SONEs ^^
The rainy season has started and so the rainy days are continuing everyday~
And half of this year has already passed!!
I always think this, but time really flies by...(laughs)

Alright, today's picture is this!!
During busy days, how about relaxing sometime and having some fun?
I get excited when I think about being able to see everyone a lot next month♥
Please look forward to it♪
We'll try our best from now on, so please keep supporting us!!

And by far, the most recent, is from Seohyun in which she posted last July 31.

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+, it's Seohyun <3

Everyone, it's hot!! How are you doing?
I'm happy I was able to see you all a lot in July <3
Also, as we announced in SMTOWN LIVE IN OSAKA, SNSD will be touring at the end of this year, so everyone please look forward to it ^^
We are also excited and we'll try our best so please support us☆

Also, please listen a lot to our recent release in Korea, "PARTY" ^^
Alright, everyone try your best this week as well <3
I love you <3 Catch GG!!

Credits to translation by RedSunsetXIII (redsunset on SSF) (1); (2); (3); (4)
Credits to SM Ent and SONE Plus

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