Sunday, July 05, 2015

Jessica of July (2015)

Here are the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates in the month of July coming from the GorJess.

One of those ponytail and simple tee kinda days
#blancandeclare #newport @/official_blancgroup

Ta dah Such a lovely day
I am always thinking of you guys

Hi there


5 minutes ago

Love & kisses maomaos

Fun times

Off to dinner with .. Guess who

Anyone still awake?

Night thinking, day dreaming

What goes around comes around #karma#sweetdreams

Comfy Tuesday afternoon

Tell me something Saturday

Daydreamin' and I'm thinkin' of you

好吃!! 你真的太會料理了, 謝大廚
Woah :) You can really cook, Chef Nic!

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