Wednesday, May 06, 2015

YoonA on '武神赵子龙/God of War Zhao Yun' Trailer and Press Conference

'God of War Zhao Yun' unveils trailer featuring the beautiful YoonA and handsome Kim Jung Hoon.

Get ready for 'God of War Zhao Yun,' starring Girls' Generation's YoonA and Kim Jung Hoon!
A lengthy 4-minute trailer was released recently for the upcoming Chinese drama, which will span about 60 episodes. YoonA has been busy filming for this drama for a while now with plenty of pictures of her looking gorgeous in traditional Chinese garb circulating the internet, raising anticipation.

Now fans get to see her live and she looks just as gorgeous as in the pictures! There is also some nice chemistry with her love interest, Lin Gengxin. Admittedly, the dubbing looks and sounds funny, but moving on! Kim Jung Hoon likewise looks cool in traditional wear as he wields a sword for fierce fights.

On other news last April 30, the cast of 'God of War Zhao Yun' held a Press Conference in China which gives a glimpse on the epic drama. The actors themselves are also dressed according to their characters and YoonA never fails to impress the crowd with her beauty and elegance.

Yoona with Sun XiaoXiao & Jiangsu MC Li Xiang

Yoona with Lin GengXin at PressCon Backstage, by 林更新

Yoona with Sun XiaoXiao at '武神赵子龙/God of War Zhao Yun'
Press Conference Backstage, by 孙骁骁

Fans, on the other hand, made a joint project to support YoonA on her Chinese Drama by expressing their cheers through flower wreaths from 17 Countries&Region, joint project by Yoonaya+Limyoonabar+Yoonachina.

During the filming of the drama, YoonA is seen talking selcas with her co-stars and enjoying their company.

See of their photos from the drama and BTS

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Source of article: AllKPop

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