Friday, May 29, 2015

Tiffany and Nichkhun have decided to part ways

The two charming idols of their respective groups, Tiffany of Girls' Generation and Nichkhun of 2PM, confirmed that they have broken up.

After dating for a year and 5 months, the news about their break up were only disclosed to their close friends. And the reason... according to the news circulating around the net, they just couldn't find the time to see each other very much due to their busy overseas schedules. They've both been working on their own group comebacks as well, which meant even less time to see each other. So, due to this, they gradually drifted apart and parted on good terms, according to their acquaintances.

It can be recalled that the news about them dating caused different reactions. But their fans are very supportive, to the point that they can see the couple's cute interactions onstage.

SM and JYP Entertainments both confirmed that this was true, stating, "When we confirmed with them, they said it's true they've broken up."

However, it seems the two may be seeing each other on stage still for 2PM is working on their comeback planned for June, and Girls' Generation are also expected to be returning with new music around June to July.

Source of the article: AllKPop

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