Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tiffany and Heejun Han are guests on MBC 'Sunny's FM Date'

Sunny welcomed her co-Girls' Generation member, Tiffany, and singer Heejun Han in the recent broadcast of 'Sunny's FM Date' on May 26th.

The two are promoting their duet song "QnA".

Heejun said "If I did a duet with one woman in my life, I decided that it had to be with one of the Girls' Generation members. Just the fact that a Girls' Generation member's name is written in front of mine is a huge honor."

Tiffany added, "You succeeded really quickly."

Sunny asked, "If Tiffany had said she wouldn't do the duet, did you have a Plan B?"

Heejun replied, "I did. To be honest, Plan B was a member in Girls' Generation again. It was Taeyeon."

Sunny cutely showed her jealously by saying, "You're close with me, are you really going to be like this?"

Heejun said, "It was originally Sunny but you had already released 'Heart Throbbing'.

In the end, it's a good thing Tiffany was the one to duet with Heejun for "QnA" because the song fits perfectly with her! Even the composers of the song think so.

Tiffany shared, "I was told that this song was custom made for me. Composers Shinsadong Tiger and Polar Bear said so. I was happy when they told me that."

She added, "Honestly, there aren't many times when Girls' Generation is able to work with the domestic composers. That's why this song was that much more meaningful and fun."

They also said, "If you just hear the names of the composers, people might think it's a zoo. There's a tiger and a bear," they said as they laughed.

Known for being blunt and funny, Heejun gave his very honest opinion on the two Girls' Generation members.

Heejun said, "I had been a fixed guest on Sunny's radio show before. I tried to get closer with her, but it wasn't easy. She surprisingly has a personality that draws a line. But on the other hand, I thought Tiffany would be cold, but she was the complete opposite."

Tiffany agreed as she added, "Sunny is the type to make a clear distinction between public and private matters. Maybe that's why she's been a DJ for so long." Sunny defended herself by saying, "I'm not that cold of a woman. You can't misunderstand me."

Sunny also said, "We're all born in 1989. So that's why I'm really comfortable now. The broadcast atmosphere is really good." Tiffany wittily stated, "But Heejun uses informal language with me and formal language with you."

Heejun said, "I'm still a little awkward with Sunny. That's why Sunny seems like a sunbae, and Tiffany seems like a fellow Korean-American friend."

Watch the viewable broadcast below.

Source: AllKPop2; AllKPop1
Credits to video: jk kim
Credits to MBC for photos

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