Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jessica is stunning in 'Cosmopolitan HK' and 'Elle Taiwan' for April 2015 Issue

Jessica, singer turned fashion designer and an entrepreneur, turned heads in the last month's issue (April) of Cosmopolitan Magazine in Hong Kong.

In the photos, Jessica models her signature brand BLANC & ECLARE for the scarf and sun glass.

Aside from Cosmopolitan, Jessica also posed for some photos for Elle Magazine based in Taiwan.

The photoshoot entitled 'The Bold and the Beautiful', Elle Taiwan interviewed Jessica (and is also posted in koreaboo).

Jessica Jung stated, “I am stepping into a phase of becoming a woman. But I still feel like a girl. Previously, I believed that only my thoughts were important, but after growing older, I can more and more understand others’ thoughts and empathize with others’ actions.”

She also commented on her nickname “Ice Princess” chosen by her fans, “Maybe the fans thought I looked cold.. like how I don’t feel nice. But people around me tell me that I like to smile. They even say I look like a fool because I like to joke around. I personally feel that I am bright.” Lastly, Jessica Jung mentioned that she likes Coco Chanel, “She never followed the trend. I hope my brand does not merely follow trends. She is a big influence to me.”

Clearly, Jessica made a successful entry in the fashion industry and in Chinese market. Currently, she updated her Weibo account saying that she is in some preparations for their new office Seoul.

Credits to the owners of the photos

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