Thursday, May 07, 2015

Hyoyeon wants to get your 'One Million Likes’

One more Girls’ Generation will host her own variety show. This time, Hyoyeon is set host a variety show called ‘Hyoyeon’s One Million Likes’.

In the variety show that is produced by OnStyle, she will share various interesting experiences around fashion, beauty and lifestyle. In order to reach one million likes, she has opened a new Instagram account, @hy100mlike, where she will post everything about the show.
Hyoyeon is not the first member in the group to appear on OnStyle’s variety show as Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun had their own show called ‘The TaeTiSeo’ last year. The TV station recently released “Heart a Tag’, which is performed by Tiffany.

The news was confirmed by CJ E&M on May 6th as Hyoyeon is scheduled to her own reality show this month. Although the show has been decided to air this June, the number of episodes to be releases are yet to be confirmed.

Hyoyeon 1 Million Likes is described to be a revamped version of Kim Na Young’s 10,000 Likes as Hyoyeon will entertain the audience through her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips through Instagram. The mission of which is having a total of million likes.
Meanwhile, the show will be released through OnStyle, Naver TVCast, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Source of article: ttwigo; AllKPop

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