Monday, April 06, 2015

YoonA replies to fans through UFO

Despite of being busy and having a tight schedule, still YoonA finds  time to talk to her fans through UFO. 

UFO is Korea's star-fan messaging system (only for Korean), just like how Facebook or Twitter works.

Fan : Ayo Yoong! Today feels like a day to talk. How are you?
Yoona : Today feels like that for me too but there aren't too many ways. That's why I came here!

Fan : I miss my Yoona baby. Are you well?
Yoona : Baby kkkkkk yes I am. Are all Sones well too?!

Fan : Yoona eat well sleep well rest well and film well and I miss you.
Yoona : I've been eating well sleeping well resting well and filming well. I always research Sones whom I miss so much and always grateful for. Sleep well

Fan : Even if I felt my loyalty has dwindled, it fires up again now I must really like you haha
Yoona : Nooo don't let it die if the seed isn't dead the fire must be able to kindle again I'm sorry

Fan : Yoongie~ are you in korea or china? It's been so long since we saw you I miss you
Yoona : I'm in China now... Before I go to bed...when will we see each other

Credits to TheSoneSource

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