Saturday, April 04, 2015

Girls’ Generation's 'The Best Live at Tokyo Dome' topped in Oricon

Girls’ Generation have returned to prove their popularity in Japan. This time, they have successfully topped the Oricon chart with their DVD titled ‘Girls’ Generation: the Best Live at Tokyo Dome’.

The girl band topped Oricon charts on April 2. 
Their concert DVD successfully took the first place on Oricon’s daily DVD sales just one day after it was released, April 1. They also took the first spot for music DVD and Blu-ray disc charts.

The DVD contains the eight beauties who are under the management of SM Entertainment performing at Tokyo Dome in December last year. The concert was one of their largest concerts with only eight members performing. The tickets for the concert were sold out, indicating that their presence in the country is still going strong, even without Jessica.

Girls’ Generation will return to show their strong presence by releasing ‘Catch Me If You Can’ in South Korea and Japan this month. This will be their first time to release a Korean single with only eight members.

In relation to their new single, the Girls are posting different photos through their SNS with the caption "Catch GG" or "Catch Me If You Can". Even YoonA, who doesn't have a SNS, posted a photo through their agency website and gave a glimpse on their comeback.

[From. YOONA] D-6

Catch them on April 10th for the official release of their video and single.

Source of article: ttwigo; STARHOME

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