Monday, March 09, 2015

Happy Birthday Taeyeon!

Fans from around the world greets the Girls' Generation leader and singer Kim Taeyeon. She is now 26 years old (27 in Korea).

The SM Entertainment held the party for Taeyeon at Coex Artium 5F on March 8 and the fans gathered together and celebrate the birthday with Taeyeon. 

According to some fan accounts, it is strongly prohibited for the attendees to record any SM private event, so it seems impossible to have a fan cam or full audio from the event. However, we will just wait for other fan accounts who can share their experience from the event.

From Teayeon's IG

Here is the songlist & mp3 played during the event as listed by crucial_gg + dc_fanatic + mekemeke + yenny__ss 

- Lost Stars (Adam Levine)
- 인연/Fate (Lee SunHee)
- 가수가 된 이유/The Reason I Became A Singer (4Men)
- 야생화/Wild Flower (Park HyoShin)
- 금요일에 만나요/Friday (IU)
- 안아줘/Hug Me (Jung Junil)
- 월광/Moonlight/Gekkou (Onitsuka Chihiro) - Korean Lyric
- Chandelier (Sia)
- 그리고하나/And One (Taeyeon)
- 바람이분다/The Wind Blows (Lee Sora)
- 사랑해요/I Love You (Taeyeon)

Taeyeon on the other hand, uploaded a photo of her birthday cake and thanked her fans for their undying support.

오늘 저랑 같이 있어줘서 고마워요 다들...#tysone #탱데이 #309

Taeyeon waved to her fans after the event.

Fan account by:
Credits to photos: Adorable,Roseline_sr,jjoggomi,TaengGod, dreamsecurity

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