Thursday, February 12, 2015

Yuri got interviewed by HK TV program "Star Talk"

While in Hong Kong to attend an event, Yuri was interviewed by a TV Program "Star Talk" and she talked about the reality TV show she's doing, her secrets in having beautiful body and skin, and the upcoming activities of the Girls' Generation.

Star Talk: Yuri, hello.
Yuri: Hello. I’m really happy to meet you. Hello everyone.
ST: Please, give a greeting.
Yuri: Yes. Hello everyone. I’m Girls’ Generation’s Yuri. I’m very happy to be able to come to Hong Kong to greet everyone. I’m very happy to meet you all.
ST: Yes. Can you say that in Cantonese once?
Yuri: I can. Hello everyone. I’m Yuri. I love you~ (laughs) That’s really difficult.
ST: Yes yes yes. You said it very well. Yes. Welcome.
Yuri: Yes. I’m very happy to meet you.

ST: We all know that you’re really busy with a couple activities happening at the same time, but for you specifically, are you still interested in variety shows?
Yuri: Every time I go on a variety show, I think it’s really interesting and enjoyable, so I haven’t really had huge difficulties. If there is an opportunity, I’m willing to participate. If everyone likes watching, I should be able to become the queen of entertainment.

ST: There’s one show in which you’re taking care of some pandas. Can you give us any insight into that show?
Yuri: This time I took care of panda triplets, so what was originally one panda’s cuteness got multiplied by three; you can see it all at once. By watching pandas like this, you already think they’re really adorable, and it really attracts people’s affection. And also, I act as an animal keeper, so I take care of them on location. There’s also the bamboo that pandas like to eat. We cut the bamboo like this, carefully lay them out, preparing their food with our own hands. That process is extremely significant. I really enjoy it.
We also went to Guangzhou, to a zoo to directly take care of pandas, and there were also opportunities to chat with Chinese people. Additionally, we saw a lot of other animals. In this way, we could see animals at close range. It was very new and interesting.

ST: Taking care of three pandas is certainly no easy feat. Maybe it’s because you take care of a dog that a lot of little things [to take care of] come more naturally to you?
Yuri: Although I don’t know the methods for taking care of pandas, my love for animals is the same. Because at home, I’m taking care of a little dog every day: that kind of love for animals, I think it’s all the same.

ST: Aside from taking care of animals, you’re also involved in another show that deals with dating. Now in this show, you faced the other person through a camera. Were there any difficulties that happened?
Yuri: I think of the camera as my boyfriend, and then act towards the camera lens. It’s actually a little difficult. But even if I’m just acting towards the camera, my mood is really good.

ST: Now Yuri herself is the ideal type for many guys, but we want to ask what do you think it is about yourself that attracts the opposite gender?
Yuri: First, I want to thank everyone. Do I have to say it out loud myself? Seriously. It’s just.. it’s a bit… (Translator’s note: screentext says, “looks like it’s a healthy figure?”) because my image is very healthy, so everyone would like me. If not that, then…my skin tone?

ST: Aside from having beautiful skin, you also manage to keep your body really fit. What do you normally do to keep it so fit?
Yuri: The most recent…the most recent [I’ve been doing] is horseback riding. Horseback riding. And I’m always doing yoga. I really like to exercise. Yes.

ST: Yoga and stretches also really help out with dancing right?
Yuri: Right.
ST: For yoga, being so experienced in it, do you do a lot of difficult exercises?
Yuri: I’ve been practicing yoga for seven years, more or less. Eight years, now. Always persistently practicing it. Although sometimes I’m too busy with work, and can’t do it all the time, I do my best to keep practicing yoga. Yes.

ST: So, going back to acting, Yoona and Sooyoung have also appeared in several dramas. Do you ever watch their works and ask them for advice?
Yuri: Yes. Every time, before I film a drama, we all discuss it together. And when it’s time to film, when it’s officially broadcasted, everyone will carefully observe and discuss others’ performances. We also go have fun on set.

ST: Having also acted in a movie, do you have any expectations for future work?
Yuri: First of all, if I find a role that is consistent with my image, I would just want to quickly put out the new piece as soon as possible, and come and meet with fans; but first I have to find a good project. And also…I also have to diligently practice languages, not just Korean. I hope to participate in a Chinese television show, or a Chinese movie. If there’s an opportunity, I’d like to also participate in a Hong Kong production.

ST: (Translator’s note: omitting really long explanation of how long Girls’ Generation has been together)…Is it possible for you to tell us about how the preparations are going for the comeback?
Yuri: Actually this is still a secret. We are diligently preparing. This year, we’ll definitely release an album… compared to last year’s, everyone will see a more mature appearance. Also for this year’s album, the members’ involvement is even higher, so I’m working hard writing lyrics and working hard composing. Everyone, please look forward to it with great interest.

ST: In previous albums, you participated in writing the song lyrics [and composing] by yourself and with other writers; will we see something similar this time around?
Yuri: Yes. Not long before, in order to write lyrics, I was preparing. A good product…if you finish a good end product, you should be able to show it for everyone to see. I look forward to it.

ST: Because everyone in Soshi has been busy lately with their own schedules and you spend less time together, how does everyone keep up with each other?
Yuri: We don’t have to do anything. We don’t need to work hard to maintain our relationship. Among family, we actually don’t need to say it out loud, we don’t need to show it; we all understand the other. So, it’s like this, mutually…(Translator’s note: screentext says, “no news is good news”) We think like this. Think about it: during we get together and go eat good food; otherwise, we’ll just share our interests together.

ST: It’s been a long time since Soshi has come to Hong Kong [for a concert/event]; what the fans want to know is when you guys will be coming back?
Yuri: Hong Kong fans are really enthusiastic in supporting us. The impression I got is really unforgettable. After the new album comes out, if everyone likes it, in order to repay everyone’s love, I think we should come visit here soon.

ST: For you yourself, 2014 was filled with a lot of different accomplishments, so what do you look forward to in 2015?
Yuri: Last year, 2014, passed healthily for me. [It was] a year that ended very happily. But actually, I don’t look back and reflect on the past very much. Last year I lived very healthily, so I consider it a successful year. And for the year 2015, I wish for even more work, meeting frequently with fans, and I hope Girls’ Generation’s album will be released successfully and smoothly. Besides that album, I wish that we’d be able to release another album. One album for every member. Or a subunit album — any of those would be good.

ST: Lastly, are there any words you would like to say to the fans in Hong Kong?
Yuri: Yes. Hong Kong fans, thank you so much for coming to see me. Soon, I’ll meet everyone with an even better appearance. Everyone, please look forward to and patiently wait! I love you all! Thank you. Thank you.

Full credits on the interview translation belongs to: Soshified
Credits to video: 12033089

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