Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sooyoung on Boon The Shop 'Diorama' Pre-Launching

Sooyoung attended the Boon The Shop 'Diorama' Pre-Launching where she met and took adorable selfies with the actress Ha Ji Won.

In Sooyoung's latest Instagram update, she shared her excitement in meeting her idol. Along with the glamorous set of selcas, she writes in her caption, "Kkyak, I'm a fan! I've finally met her, I met her. @hajiwon1023 #hajiwon sunbae at @boontheshop_chandam I will always support you. #boontheshopcheongdam #dior #hajiwon #imafan."

She continues to list projects Ha Ji Won was in to prove her fangirl knowledge, using the following hashtags, "#damo #somethinghappenedinbali #empressqi #ofcourseisaweverything #iloveyou."

According to Sooyoung herself, the two met at the 'Dior Lama' event held at Boon the Shop, a fashion store in Cheongdam. The ladies are impeccably dressed with their matching white outfits, a perfect look for a fashion event and a fangirl dream-come-true.

Source of article: AllKPop 

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