Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jessica is in NYC and is busy in new projects (?)

Jessica spotted in NYC and makes a surprise visit to 'Kang Ho Dong's Baekjeong' restaurant.

On February 11, the official Facebook page of 'Kang Ho Dong's Baekjeong' restaurant in Koreatown NYC posted up a picture of their chef and restaurant owner posing with former Girls' Generation member Jessica, revealing that the idol was in the heart of the Big Apple.
Along with the photo, they wrote, "We were thrilled to have Korean superstar and fashion icon (Creative Director, Blanc & Eclare), Jessica at ‪#‎Baekjeong‬ last night!"

Just a day ago, Jessica posted up an Instagram picture of her and Krystal bumming on the bed. Although there are no clear signs that she is preparing for her comeback to the industry, Jessica seems to be doing a lot more traveling and relaxing before getting back into the grind. 

Meanwhile, the fashion icon and creative director of 'BLANC & ECLARE' was spotted relaxing and appearing in different official events in China.

In relation to that, Chinese media outlets are reporting on a recent interview with former Girls' Generation member and her statement involving her younger sister, f(x)'s Krystal.

On February 11 wherein Jessica was attending a promotional event, she was asked about her new career as the designer of Blanc & Eclare. She said, "If I wasn't a celebrity, I would probably have become a designer. I've been influenced a lot by my mother, who is a graceful woman.'

In terms of whether there are any plans for her and Krystal to create a duo unit under SM Entertainment, which are rumors that have been around for a while, Jessica commented that she wouldn't mind. She stated, "It's not impossible in the future, but right now, I don't know. I plan to take it one step at a time like I did with designing, and I don't think there would be a reason to decline if there was an offer."

Source of the article: AllKPop

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