Thursday, February 19, 2015

Jessica greets "Happy Chinese New Year!"

February 19 marks Chinese / Lunar New Year. It's a time for families to gather around and stuff their faces. Everyone's giving their holiday greetings across the world from China to other Asian countries that celebrate this day, such as Korea (called 'Seolnal'). 

As part of the, Chinese Brand, Li-Ning's promotion, Jessica sounds off her share of "Happy Chinese New Year's," complete in English and translated in Chinese for her international fans.

Jessica has been immersing herself in the Chinese and international markets. Although it's understandable why she would prefer not to promote in Korea for the time being, considering things are tense with SM, it would be nice if she could actively promote in Korea in the near future.

Still, the fashion designer is looking pretty and casual in pink as she wishes those who understand English and Chinese a happy Chinese New Year.

Source of article: AllKPop
Credits to video: OVERDOSE SONE

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