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"'FM Date' Sunny "Cool's Lee Jae-Hoon Oppa, Will You Be My Guest?"

M+ OnAir interview Girls' Generation member and FM Date's DJ Sunny.

At 8 every night, there’s a fresh fairy voice that always appears and takes over the radio. She is SNSD’s Sunny, who reverses fatigue on your way home from work. It has been 8 months since she took her first steps as a DJ at MBC FM4U’s ‘Sunny’s FM Date’ (‘FM Date’ onwards). She receives a lot of love from listeners and already has the nickname of ‘SoonD (combination of real name Lee Soon-Kyu + DJ)’. We asked her about the charm of radio. 

Corner 1: ‘FM Date’ microphone, it took ‘nearly 22 years’ to come to Sunny
“I can show human Lee Soon-Kyu, not Sunny. On stage, you have to look cool but in front of a microphone, you have to be human, right? I really like that.” 

‘FM Date’, which is the object of Sunny’s affection, began airing in November of 1992, when she was only 3 years old. In the early days, it aired from 9 to 11 pm and actor Lee Seung-Yeon was the invited DJ who was responsible for carrying on the show. After Go So-Young, Park So-Hyun, Lee Eui-Jung, Kim Hyun-Joo and MBC Kang Da-Som announcer, the microphone came to Sunny. 

There was a time when ‘FM Date’ temporarily disappeared as well. In 1999, it was abolished after reorganization and was replaced by a variety of programs like ‘Click! 1020’, ‘Double Impact’ and ‘Close Friend’. In 2013, with reorganization in the fall, ‘FM Date’ was resurrected after 13 years. 

‘FM Date’ has an eternal history. Sunny’s shoulder must be heavy with the weight of so many DJs before her. We want to know what makes her unique and her strategy. 

Corner 2: Small interview in the booth… Sunny “’FM Date’? To me, it’s like school.” 
Q: What are the best and worst qualities of DJ Sunny? 
A: My best quality is familiarity. Since I have already been active for 8 years as SNSD, many people already know me well and feel comfortable with me. As well, since I am young, I think listeners think I am their equal. I think they think of me as their friend. Haha. But my young age is also my worst quality. Even when I try to relate to the stories of the listeners, I sometimes feel like I don’t have enough life experience. I’m learning from them. Should I call it indirect experience? 

Q: Since you’re a popular idol, when related issues come up, isn’t it difficult to sit before the microphone? 
A: At times like that, I think of Sunny DJ as someone who is not a member of SNSD. If I use this time to discuss my issues or defend myself, I would feel like I was harassing the listeners. I think it’s only right to discuss stories like that in my own space. 

Q: Then what does ‘FM Date’ mean to Sunny?
A: ‘FM Date’ is school. Like how you go to school to learn every day, after I do a broadcast, there is always something I can take away. Truthfully, it’s up to the student how much they learn from a good teacher, right? I think how much you learn through radio is up to the DJ. What is my grade? Ahahahaha. I don’t know. Even when I was attending school, my grades were always up and down? So I don’t have a sense of what my radio grade would be. Hehe. 

Q: Is there a memorable listener?
A: Last year at Christmas, there is a couple who was born because of ‘FM Date’. The man and the woman both had feelings but couldn’t progress but the man said he listened to this show so the woman wondered ‘What kind of a broadcast is it?’ and started listening. So she ended up sending in a story and the content was, “I see you as a man. Should we date?”. And the man heard the story. He sent a message saying ‘Okay!’ to the homepage. We ended up connecting both of them over the phone as a Christmas special so they could confirm each other’s heart. Wow~ I was really jealous. 

Q: Is there a guest you’d really like to have on the show? 
A: Cool’s Lee Jae-Hoon oppa! Even before he became popular again with MBC’s ‘Infinitely Challenge-ToToGa’, I said I really wanted to invite him as a guest. He hasn’t come on the show yet. Hnnng~ Truthfully, in the early days of SNSD activities, we overlapped with Cool’s activity and Lee Jae-Hoon oppa was holding a placard with my name written on it. It was so memorable for me that whenever I listened to Cool’s music, I kept thinking of that moment, you know? He is so good at singing too. I would like him to come on ‘FM Date’ now! 

Q: ‘FM Date’ is now 23 years old. Is there a quality and strategy unique to Sunny that is different from all of the previous DJs?
A: (Jang Soo-Yeon PD) I will answer this question. Sunny really enjoys meeting people and she also truly receives a lot of love back from people, you know? Her network is really wide and it transcends generations. You can tell because she has had elders like Park Geun-Hyung and Jun In-Kwon as radio guests. As well, she is intuitively very good at talking about music. Even if it’s your first time listening to a song, she explains it so well that you can understand it right away. Compared to all of the DJs before her, this is a strength that only Sunny as shown. 

Q: If ‘FM Date’ was a song, which one would it be?
A: Deulgukhwa’s ‘Everyday with You!’ It’s not about making a single day special or making it crazy fun but I hope listeners can find comfort in the daily routine words of ‘SoonD’. It aligns with the direction and lyrics that ‘FM Date’ pursues as well. 

[Who is DJ Sunny?] She debuted in 2007 as girl group SNSD. They took the spot of South Korea’s best girl group with hits like ‘Into the New World’, ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ and ‘Gee’. Last year, she took the DJ seat of ‘FM Date’ in May and in the same year, she received accolades for her skills by taking home the MBC Entertainment Award for Best Radio Newcomer. 

Trans by sonexstella

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