Saturday, January 03, 2015

Yuri of January (2015)

Here is the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates for the month of January coming from the energetic Yuri!

Yuri with her brother & cousin, by viviancha1105

"언제나 몸과 마음을 유연하게 만들어주는 요가💕8년전이나 지금이나
늘 따듯하게 맞이해주는 나디아 쌤 고맙고 사랑해요
  ‪#‎춤추는여신자세‬ ‪#‎yoga‬ ‪#‎nadia‬‪#‎yuri‬"

"Thank u Tom ford ‪#‎beauty‬"

"드디어 오늘 4시50분 MBC 일밤-애니멀즈 첫방송 ! 곰세마리 !우리
 삼둥이들첫인사드려요 많은사랑부탁드려요^^ 제작보고회
날 울팬들의 사랑듬뿍담은 판다케이크와 선물 넘넘 고마웠어요


"Finally, today at 4:50pm on MBC Sunday night - first broadcast of "Animals"!
 Three bears! Our triplets. We are meeting you for the first time, please
give us lots of love.^^ On the announcement day, our fans gave us a panda
cake and presents filled with love and I was very, very thankful.

‪#‎ItWasYummy‬‪#‎RaisingShoulders‬ ‪#‎Animals‬"

trans sonexstella

"어디있었어 ~ 찾았잖아 ~~~~ 드디어 내 비 밀 번 호 (사진속
Feat.애어른 동연이) Biewangle, jizhu "
"Where was it~ I found it~~~~ Finally, my password
(Photo feat. "kid adult" Dong-Yeon) "

"티앤 아 !!"

"我们在香港会面, [去旅行]"

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See her posts of December (2014)

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