Friday, January 16, 2015

Holler Album

Holler is the second EP by Girls' Generation's sub-unit TTS. It was released digitally on September 16, 2014, and physically on September 18, 2014. This marked the group's first release, after being on a two-year hiatus after their debut release of Twinkle in 2012.

During an interview with Billboard, the three singers expressed, "This album was really personal for us and it was put out a much more raw side of our music...the music we put together has so much more layers, so much more depth to it in terms of sound, choruses or harmonizing together....Our main goal was to not be visually entertaining, but be vocally entertaining." 

They further described the album as an edgier, more mature version of its predecessor, Twinkle, and stated, "We want to make feel good songs that are relatable, we want to make albums that are more natural...and speak from the bottom of our hearts." The trio revealed that Taeyeon took the responsibility for the song selection, Seohyun penned the lyrics to the song, "Only U", while Tiffany served as the visual director to the overall album image and the concept of "Holler" music video. The release of the album coincided with the broadcast of TTS's own reality television show, The TaeTiSeo; thus, some footage of the album preparation was shown.

List of Tracks

1. Holler
2. Adrenaline (아드레날린;Adeurenallin)
3. Whisper (내가 네게; Naega Nege)
4. Stay
5. Only U

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