Wednesday, December 24, 2014

YoonA donated 30 Million won to help the families in Jung-gu

YoonA was named as the Jung-gu's Honorary Ambassador last 9th of January in 2012 and her time was supposed to end on 8th Jan 2013.

However as there was no new ambassador revealed in 2013, some assumes that YoonA continued being in the role.

It was reported that YoonA visited the Jung-gu office every year since she was honoured, and donated to ensure that low-income families can spend a warm winter. This year on the 17th of December she visited the office once again, donating 30 million won to the mayor.

*Jung-gu is like a town/suburb in Seoul and Yoona's university, Dongguk University is also a part of  helping Junggu.

Credits @JenaynayX
Source: onehallyu

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