Friday, December 26, 2014

SONE Note Vol. 4 is OUT

Another year had passed and many things happened not only to the SoShis but also to the beloved SONEs. So here is the 4th volume of the SONE Note that gives detail to the backstage life of the SoShis.

For those who misses Jessica, here she is (courtesy of The Sone Source)!

Hello everyone in SONE Japan,

How is the 4th volume of SONE NOTE?!
It's a note tying together the bonds of SNSD's and everyone's memories! The members also received it.

At once, a commemorative photo of holding SONE NOTE VOL. 4

There are lots of photoshoots, like the tour, SMTOWN, and best album jacket photos. While reminiscing, everyone read it earnestly!

SONE NOTE: VOL.4 Filled with lots of highlights that even the members become engrossed in!

Everyone, please read it lots too!

Credits to the scanners/owners of the photos, SMTown

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