Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Jessica shed tears at Blanc & Eclare's fan signing event

On December 22, former Girls' Generation member, Jessica, attended her fan signing event as the creative director for her fashion company, 'BLANC & ECLARE' which was held at Lotte Cinema Avenuel Theater 5.

On this day, the media reported that Jessica had a bright smile across her face throughout the signing event, shedding her ice queen image she had while being a member of Girls' Generation.

Towards the end of the event, Jessica gave thanks to her fans and shed some tears, touched by the letters that she received at the event. She said, "Thank you, how many times are you making me cry today. Thank you for today, and I will read each and every one of these today. I will create many events where we can meet more often." Jessica also addressed her foreign fans in English, expressing her gratitude for their presence at the event.

Meanwhile, Jessica also revealed that 'BLANC & ECLARE' will be releasing new items with more diversified designs, heightening the anticipation for the brand's expansion.

Source of article: AllKPop
Credits to video web 2.0

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