Monday, December 01, 2014

Jessica of December (2014)

Here are the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates in the month of December coming from the GorJess.

"Many thanks to Reggie Martin and the Venetian Macau for a wonderful time! Rocking it with Ja (Ja Rule) and watching Manny do his usual winning thing: simply awesome! "

with Ja Rule

It was so good to see all of you there - love u guys

 Good night Wan an 잘자아

How's everyone doing? Busy? I am
라빠레뜨에서 저를 위해 특별히 제작해준 예쁜선물! 고마워요^^

See you real soon Hillsun Chongqing

Happy Holidays everyonetis
the season to be jollymany hugs!

Have you thought of your New Year's wish yet?
I did! See you guys in January!

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See her posts on November (2014)

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