Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Divine - Official Video

"Divine" is another single included in the 'Girls' Generation The Best Album'.

Before the release of the videos, Tiffany offered her insight about the song through a Japanese media portal. She explains that the song is about the relationship and connection of the SoShis (themselves) and their fans, SONEs. Two music videos are then released with a week or two in gap.

Apparently, this is also marked as the last music video before Jessica's departure from the Group.
Tiffany talking about 'Divine"

Story Version


Behind the Scenes

Credits to videos: (1) XxGGLover101xX; (2) UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN; (3) Vrsone Fansite; (4) 香取佑哉

Credits to the owner of the photo used
Sing along with the Lyrics

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