Sunday, November 16, 2014

Updates about Jessica

Still cuts have recently been revealed showing former Girls' Generation member, Jessica, and her sister, f(x)'s Krystal, on set for an advertisement shoot! 

On November 13, brand 'lapalette' revealed the pictures of these two celebrity sisters, showing once again how they were blessed with a gorgeous gene pool. Dressed in matching form-fitting outfits, the girls boast their slim figure and chic looks--time for the parents to get this one framed for the mantel!

One 'lapalette' rep stated, "You'll be able to see the CF visuals through two concepts in which the Jung sisters' uniquely bright and lovable image as well as mature image are portrayed. We hope for a lot of anticipation."

On November 14, Jessica updated her fans with a Weibo message, exciting them for what's to come later this year.

She posted, "Hello, everyone. I was busy working hard until now~. There'll be a lot more fun things that will happen this year. I'll see you soon~," along with the photo below.

And on 15th of November, Jessica is again teasing fans with an upcoming announcement to her brand 'BLANC & ECLARE'!

The Weibo and Facebook for her brand posted, "We have some exciting upcoming announcements, from cool events and new products to excellent partners and more locations. Stay tuned!" She reposted it onto her personal Weibo with a variety of emoticons expressing her excitement.

Source: AllKPop; BLANC GROUP
Credits to the owners of the photos!

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