Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Taeyeon of November (2014)

Here is the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates for the month of November from the kid leader Taeyeon!

"#smhalloweenparty @xolovestephi"

"어제 코스튬중 내 마음속의 1등 마젠타빛 입술이 매력적이었고
심지어 정말 친절하셨다. #요쿠르트 #야쿠르트 #첸쿠르트

Trans: You were no.1 in my heart for costumes last night.
Your magenta lips were attractive and you were so generous.
  #yogurt #yakult

"#schoolgirl #smhalloweenparty"

"안아줘 #ginger"

"비타민갑니다 하. #ㅂㅌㅁ #슈스엠 #SuperStarSMTOWN"
"Vitamin, let’s go hah. #VTM (Vitamin) #SuSM #SuperStarSMTOWN"

**Update: Taeyeon commented
- "세상에현질없는게임이어딨어 세상에공짜가어딨어!"
"Is there a game in the world that’s free. Is there anything in
this world that’s free!"
- "슈스엠대회에서 상받아서 완성할수있었어요"
"Because I received a prize at the Superstar SMT competition,
I was able to complete this"
- "상으로 완성시키긴 했지만 그 점수 나오기까지 얼마나 후들후들
손이 떨렸는데. 다 노력해서 이뤄낸겁다녀러분ㅋㅋㅋ
"Although thanks to the prize, I was able to complete this but up
until the scores came out, my hands trembled so much. Everyone,
all this was achieved through putting in effortㅋㅋㅋ
Everyone can do it too!"
trans Kymmie

"SMTREE우리회사예쁘다 #christmastree"

"티선생🙆 @xolovestephi"

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