Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sunny and her 'First Kiss'

On November 20th, Sunny released a remake of “First Kiss” for Hwang Sungje’s “Project Super Hero” series. 

Hwang Sungje is a composer who has also contributed to several Girls’ Generation songs, including “Baby Baby”, “Etude”, and “My Child”.

The “Project Super Hero” series, which is made up of remakes of Hwang Sungje’s songs, started in 2013 with the “1st Line Up”, featuring Lena Park’s remake of BoA’s “Atlantis Princess”. The “2nd Line Up”, also released in 2013, featured Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, who covered Bubble Sister’s “Love Dust”. The latest in the series is Sunny’s “First Kiss”, which was originally sung by Hwang Jungmi.

This song, which should be a familiar sound to those who enjoy rhythm action games, apparently had fans asking for Girls' Generation to sing the tune. Their wish was partly granted as the composer recruited Sunny for his project! Sunny's cute voice is perfect for the sweet love song, which is written and composed by Hwang Sung Je and arranged by Kim Kyu Won.

Sunny’s version of “First Kiss” is available for download from various Korean music sites, including,MelOn, Bugs!, and Naver Music.

Source of articles: Soshified; AllKPop
Credits to video: MumbleBeatMusic Episode A

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