Friday, November 28, 2014

SNSD Fansign Event for Store Opening of Lotte Mall

On November 27, the Girls Generation who are also the endorser of the Lotte Mall delighted some fans and visitors of the Store Opening in Suwon,

The Fansigning event is announced before hand and like what is expected, the fans came and greet their idols in this one-time event.

The Girls showed their love to their fans by giving them fan-service aegyos.

One funny moment is when Taeyeon received an eggplant as a gift.

uploaded by elcelendro

This is what happened, as told by jasminelep

Fan: I'll just try this! (while taking out the eggplant)
Tae: Eh?
Fan: Take away my heart!
("take away" sounds like "eggplant" in Korean)
Tae: What is this... is it for me? (Look at Taeyeon's epic reaction)
Fan: Is it not the meaning behind giving an eggplant...
Tae: It's alright, please give it to me, is this a real eggplant?
Fan: Yes!

Additional note: the fan also got an eggplant for him/herself so that s/he would have a "couple" eggplant with Taeyeon.

SONE you're really something :D

Credits to the owners of the photos!

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