Sunday, November 23, 2014

Love & Peace Album

Love & Peace is the third Japanese studio album (seventh overall) by Girls' Generation.

The album was physically released in four editions, with each edition containing the same twelve songs. The four editions also feature three different album covers, with the Blu-ray limited edition and DVD limited edition sharing the same cover (Wikipedia).
List of Tracks:

3. Flyers
8. Lips
11. Linguafranca (ンガ・フランカRinga Furanka)

Luxurious Specification Limited Edition (Blu-ray)

5. Making of 'Galaxy Supernova'
6. Making of 'My Oh My'
7. Japan 3rd Album Photo Shooting

Blu-ray/DVD Limited Edition 

3. Love & Girls (Dance Version)
5. Galaxy Supernova (Dance Version)

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