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Jessica on HK's Marie Claire December (2014) Issue

Former Girls' Generation member, Jessica, recently graced the cover and pages of Hong Kong's fashion magazine, 'Marie Claire,' for the upcoming December issue! 

As the cover girl for this issue, she exudes an elegant confidence and maturity that overall shows her growth as a woman and as a person. 
Not only that! She also dressed up using products from her 'BLANC & ECLARE' fashion line as props. She dressed herself up in an oriental-style tube top and skirt, lace one-piece, stiletto heels, and more for a very feminine, chic vibe. She uses sunglasses from her line as props.

Jessica Jung
More Than A New Life

Fashion As My Counterpart
Opportunities are to be grasped tightly and not to be let go. Former South Korea's girl group Girls' Generation's member Jung Sooyeon knows this principle, and has become a burning to touch singer. Besides her talent in performing arts, having a sense in design and business, she had also expanded her career into a new page, promoting her fashion brand, letting her talent to blossom on a large scale, with promising results just around the corner.
Text: Pic Photography: CL (Secret 9 Studio) Art Direction & Styling: Cozy Lau

Born in California of the United States, Jung Soo Yeon (Jessica) was scouted by South Korea's SM Entertainment company in the year 2000 when she was travelling with her mother at South Korea. She had joined the company as a trainee, accepted a series of training, and had debuted in 2007 as pop music girl group, Girls' Generation, and had reached 5th place of "100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2012" in the year 2012. Jessica is the member that had the longest training period among the nine-member group, and the 7 years of her training had lead her to thrive. In addition to her growth overseas, her personality is specially bright, and her smile is also very attractive, with an image that brings joy. Currently developing her solo career, even though she is only 25 years old, but she has more of a mature and steady aura, because she has become independent to face her future, gradually increasing her intellect.

MC: Marie Claire JJ: Jessica Jung

MC: You were scouted when you were shopping along the streets, why did you decide to participate the training scheme?
JJ: Actually I also do not know why I have made this decision, maybe it was because I was curious about what kind of person I am when out of school. I also did not know that this training scheme would inflict such a huge change at that time, becoming the me today.

MC: You started training since you were 12 years old, were the 7 years of training very perplexed?
JJ: I had always see the training as a hobby, so I always felt that the training was interesting. Undeniably, the years of training were very perplexed; being a young girl, I would try my best to face all kinds of training with an enjoyable mood, and also I would see it as a source of joy so that it would not increase stress on myself.

MC: If you have not entered the entertainment circle, what would you do?
JJ: I believe I might be in the fashion industry. Hope it would be work on designing.

Embark Towards Design

Since young, many people would be yearning for the future. "I have always thought that I will take on the career in related with international relations, maybe working on law enforcement. However, when I had invest a large portion of time on my hobby such as singing and performing, my dream had also change accordingly." From the start, Jessica had a deep interest in fashion, hoping that she would engage in a related career at a later time.

MC: After your depart from Girls' Generation, will you still continue to promote in the entertainment industry, or will you focus on your sunglasses or fashion designing?
JJ: The blood of the entertainment industry flows in my body, fashion has too, became my genes. I am currently working hard; my aim is to take into account two different kinds of work.

MC: Being a designer, what challenges do you face? What is different with being a singer?
JJ: For me, although there are many ups and downs on the road of life, but challenges are not any obstacles. On the contrary, I would see them as motivation. I think that no matter if it's in the field of fashion or music, beside talents, diligence and commitment surely could lead people to success.

MC: Between the two, which role gives you more satisfaction?
JJ: Both brings a lot of satisfaction to me on the same scale. However, bringing love to the world gives me the ultimate satisfaction.

MC: Who is the fashion icon in your eyes? Why do you like her?
JJ: Grace Kelly's elegant and classical style attracts me very much. Her lead of the trend in the last century around the 1950s that still exists today is worth of a memory.

MC: What kind of clothing style do you like?
JJ: I like to make use of details so that some classic and simple designs would become different. For me, using different accessories to mix and match is very interesting, and can maintain my own originality.

MC: Since debut, do you have an unforgettable styling?
JJ: There was once when the other members of Girls' Generation and I went to Japan to travel, because it was not for work, there was no official schedules. Of course, I thought that this trip should have no reporters and photographers waiting at the airport; so I was wearing a style that seemed like I had just got out of bed. I was wearing a comfortable training pants and an old top that looked like pajamas. However when I was at the airport, I discovered many reporters on site. And because I had already checked in my lugagge, I had no way to "transform" immediately, so I faced the cameras helplessly. I still do not get why did I wore that style to go out until today!

Fans Give Me Positive Energy

Since the entertainment career is already injected into Jessica's blood, in that case, does she have any interest in performing arts in the future, such as acting? Without hesitation, she said, "I absolutely have the interest in it, because performing arts is something what I have always pursued. However, I will take step by step to fulfil it. It's better not to rush in doing anything.

MC: What would you think of at the moment before you step on stage?
JJ: Every time I would always anticipate in meeting the fans, because I get positive energy from them. They are my motivation and stimulant in performing.

MC: Girls' Generation is very successful, many girls hope to enter the entertainment industry; could you give them some suggestions?
JJ: Before entering the entertainment industry, you have to study hard in school, even if going for training classes, do not be too nervous, it is best to take training as one of your hobbies. This way, you will become more relaxed, and have a happier time.

Likes Humorous Men

Working in the entertainment industry had already been quite hectic for Jessica, and now she still has to design simultaneously. Therefore, towards on how she balance busy work and life, she said maintaining a good exercising regime can lead herself to be full of energy. Moreover, she likes to taste different food, and also will travel to different places. On one hand, she could get inspirations in designing. On the other hand, recharge herself to cope with her work afterwards.

MC: When you do not need to work,what do you like to do?
JJ: Besides the very required sleep, I like to eat, and will go all over the world to look for different restaurants and delicacies. If you ever watched the reality show my sister and I filmed, you would know that we like to eat and visit new restaurants. Of course, to burn off the high calories, I would go to the gym and workout diligently.

MC: Is there a movie that has once inspired you?
JJ: In the movie "The Shawshank Redemption", the male lead Andy was misjudged to lifelong sentence in jail. In prison, he portrayed the true meaning of hope and determination. It was very touching for me, and also gained inspiration from it.

MC: What music do you like to listen? Which singer do you like?
JJ: I love to listen old English songs, and all the singers I like are old-school singers, including Tony Bennett, and also Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Louis Armstrong who have passed away.

MC: What type of men do you like?
JJ: I like males who are humorous, reliable and intelligent.

MC: Do you like Hong Kong?
JJ: Hong Kong is a very vibrant place. Shopping and Hong Kong's cuisine is just none to be compared, so I like to travel to Hong Kong.

Make The World Different

Christmas is a celebratory day full of joy and laughters. Turning over a new page in life, Jessica's wish for this year's special day was related to her "newly born child"; "My christmas wish is for Blanc & Eclare's effort would make the world change differently."

MC: How did you spend your most unforgettable Christmas day?
JJ: My most unforgettable Christmas was when I saw Santa Claus was not a reality, I really could not accept it. I remember when I was young, I went with my mother to a mall and saw Santa Claus was taking photos with other children. I was really excited and asked my mother to let me take a photo with Santa Claus. However, at that time I was sitting on his lap, and when I saw that his beard was actually chained by a loose thread, I was really disappointed. I kept crying on the way home. This is my saddest memory of Christmas.

Source: AllKPop
Credits to Interview Translation: JeKret

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