Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Girls' Generation Tour Album

Girls' Generation Tour is the second live album by South Korean girl group Girls' Generation.

The album was recorded on July 23 and 24, 2011, at Girls' Generation's concerts in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena on their 2011 tour, the Girls' Generation Asia Tour. On April 11, Girls’ Generation released the concert album of the “Girls' Generation Asia Tour”. The album will consist of two CDs and 34 tracks, and two songs, “Let It Rain” and “Danny Boy”, will be included as re-recorded studio versions (Wikipedia).

List of Tracks:

CD 1

1. Girl's Carnival
2. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
3. You-Aholic
4. Mr. Taxi
5. I'm in Love with the Hero
6. Let it Rain (Korean Version)
7. Snowy Wish
8. Sweet Talking Baby (Fun & Fun)
9. Kissing You
10. Oh!
11. Don't Stop the Music (Hyoyeon Solo)
12. Almost (Jessica Solo)
13. 3 (Sunny Solo)
14. Lady Marmalade (Taeyeon and Tiffany duet)
15. The Great Escape
16. Bad Girl

CD 2

1. Devil's Cry (Taeyeon Solo)
2. Run Devil Run
3. Beautiful Stranger
4. Hoot
5. If (Yuri Solo)
6. Sway (Sooyoung Solo)
7. Danny Boy
8. Complete
9. My Child
10. Ice Boy
11. HaHaHa Song
12. Gee
13. Forever
14. Into the New World
15. Way to Go
16. It's Fantastic!

Bonus Tracks:

1. Let it Rain (Korean Studio Version)
2. Danny Boy (Studio Version)

Credits to video: JohnnyOutrageous23

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