Thursday, October 09, 2014

Sooyoung apologizes to the fans through SBS's show

Sooyoung apologized for the departure of Jessica from Girls’ Generation on SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment”, last night, October 8.

After news about Jessica's leave from the group was aired, Sooyoung stated “Having to relay this sort of sudden news is simply distressing and I’m sorry. For the sake of everyone who loves and supports Girls’ Generation, we will try even harder to show a hard-working Girls’ Generation. Please watch over us. I am sorry,” she said.

Yoon Do Hyun responded, "Your heart must be heavy, but I hope your members use this time to gather together and turn a misfortune into a blessing." 

Sooyoung added, "I'll work even harder for the people who are cheering on Girls' Generation. I apologize."

Her apology was considered brave, because she relayed it right in front of the audience. This is the first direct statement from the band’s member. Taeyeon had previously expressed the same thing, however she did it at TTS’s fan meeting event.

Source of the articles: ttwigo; AllKPop
Credits for video: entertainmentSBS

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