Tuesday, October 28, 2014

GG on MBC 'Korean Music Wave'

The Girls' Generation, along with their other fellow artists greeted the press in Beijing, China to open the event held by MBC 'Korean Music Wave' which promoted the music and culture of Korea to China as well as to strengthen their relationship. 

Sooyoung is not around because of her commitment in filming her drama "Springday of My Life".

This year’s “MBC Korean Music Wave” was held in National Stadium, Beijing on October 25th. Girls’ Generation performed alongside other K-Pop artists including 2PM, BEAST, T-ARA, and EXO. Sooyoung was unable to attend because she was busy with her drama, “Springtime of My Life”.

During the concert show, Tiffany and Yuri serves as the MCs.

And the Girls performed their iconic songs like "Genie", "Gee", and "Mr. Mr."

Credits to the owners of the photos!
Credits to Soshified

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