Friday, October 03, 2014

BLANC has new partners

Aside from the partnership with Lane Crawford, the BLANC Company (pioneered by Jessica) is set to gain the milestone.

On the Facebook Page of the BLANC Group they announced on the September 12 that the Group is in partnership with Puyi Optical and Glasstique.

Following this announcement, the Group once again posted a photo of Jessica with Chitose Abe who is a well-know creative director of Sacai on September 13. Although there is not much details to it, the Group says "exciting times ahead" which gives off an idea that Abe will take in part in the development of the company.

And the company is not stopping there, the Group also gave clue that they are also in partnership with online retailer FANCY and promotes the line of eyewear of the company. On September 18, the Group also announced that they will distribute the eyewears on Infinite Gallery and 2424 eyewear that are both based in Thailand and Salon by Surrender in Singapore by September 23rd.

The Group is also working of the creative packaging that is simple yet unique.

Credits to BLANC

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