Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jessica on CeCi Magazine October 2014 Issue

Girls' Generation member Jessica can be the "darling" of the magazines because of the different magazine covers that features her. This time, its CeCi.

Jessica, why you still look gorgeous even with messy hair?
Included in the magazine are the Baby-G Ads.

With the picturesque sites of Prague serving as the backdrop, Jessica looks both sweet and classy with a frizzled, wavy hairstyle and natural make up that soften up her overall appearance and give her a flushed look from the autumn breeze.

Although modeling for a pictorial could be considered work, it does not look laborious at all as Jessica freely roams the city, having fun creating bubbles, enjoying the grandiose landscape, and nibbling on street food.

Source: AllKPop; Scan by woorissica

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