Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On the first episode of "The TaeTiSeo"

The girls of TaeTiSeo proved that despite their busy schedule, they knew how to have fun! 

On the first episode of OnStyle reality program, 'The TaeTiSeo,' the girls were in California and had a blast at the Orange County Fair Carnival Night, getting their faces painted, eating yummy caramel apples, and trying out the shooting range!

The girls looked gorgeous with the cute face paint--Seohyun, in particular, rocks the catty look she was given. Taeyeon also revealed that whenever she had free time, she would usually just hang out at home.

In addition, the members headed to 'The Grove' shopping center for a girls' day out, trying on clothes and enjoying the sunny day!

Also there was a lot of discussion about the members' character, particularly Taeyeon.

Tiffany said, "Taeyeon is a really interesting person. It's hard to get a grasp [of who she is]." Seohyun added, "Taeyeon is the type to take care of you without you knowing. She doesn't say, 'I will do this for you,' to your face, but she takes care of you behind your back."

Heechul said, "Taeyeon's emotional ups and downs are really severe. Seeing as how both of our emotions fluctuate severely, we are called the Kim Bipolar siblings. Her personality really matches XX. I can't say this any other classy way. The reason I like Taeyeon is because she's not fake. She treats people with honesty. She knows how to take care of her friends."

Key said, "Taeyeon is number one when it comes to an ahjumma personality. When she laughs, she laughs like, 'Ahaha,'" and copied her laugh.

In addition, Taeyeon praised Tiffany, saying, "Tiffany is very passionate. She's a character that relays happiness. Seeing as how she has so much energy, there are times it's hard to follow her."

Meanwhile, YoonA promised to appear as a guest on 'THE TaeTiSeo' at a later time, saying, "It's TaeTiSeo's reality program, so I feel like it might be good to have only TaeTiSeo come out in the beginning. After about the middle of the program, after TaeTiSeo establish their positions, I will appear as a guest."

Hearing this, Seohyun lit up with a bright smile and hugged YoonA. 

Source: AllKPop

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