Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Girls' Generation's 'The Best' Album received full support

Yes, without a doubt. SONEs and fans (probably from around the world) who came to love Girls' Generation give their support to the South Korean Girl Group's "The Best" Album that compiles the group's popularized songs and included two new singles "Indestructible" and "Chain Reaction".

First, the Group survived the battle for being "The Best" as the album soars top on Oricon weekly Chart and ranks first on Daily Chart for six consecutive days.

Oricon Chart is the record statistics on sales in the music industry in Japan and this means that the group has sold over 75,000 copies since the official released of the Album.

Second, even the 'Royals' singer Lorde who happens to be fans of various K-pop artists indirectly greets the Girls' Generation through her Instagram account. Lorde is also in Japan and she encountered a huge billboard of the Girls and posted the photo saying, "hi gg nice to see you ok bye now (love you)".

Lorde also expressed her wish from past interviews that she would love to write songs for a K-pop group and its probably a good opportunity for them to work... chances might be slim but not impossible.

And third. Since the promotion of "The Best" Album is in full gear, all I can say is that never doubt or belittle the power of the fans. Accordingly, the "The Best" photos in Omotesando Subway Station in Japan is a project of Japan SONEs.

by: soshijjang_ss

Well, talking about support (I feel proud, somehow). These SONEs are amazing.

Source: Soshified; AllkPop; sosiz.net from TheSoneSource

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