Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Im-Choding

Happy 24th birthday to Im-Choding -YoonA!

Many called you as the "face of SNSD" because of your beauty...

Yoona is the #1 Queen of CF in SNSD.

Well, we can't argue with that...
Who would ever know that this small and cute kid -

Will turn into a beautiful lady?!

Yoona is more confident in her dancing and acting compared to singing.
According to HyoYeon (in Mnet Starwatch) although Yoona seems
quiet and hard to approach, she's actually one of the friendliest
soshi member.

She's a great actress and a model as well.

Yoona is #2 shikshin.

Yoona is soshi's dishwasher.

She has awesome facial expressions.

She would become a Chef if she was not a singer. 
Even though she believes that she is not that good at
cooking but she enjoys it! 

She has a unique laugh. (alligator mouth)

Yoona has assymetric eyes

The soshi member she relates to the most is Yuri.

Yoona has a minor condition of bowleggedness

She is currently dating Lee Seung Gi at the start of 2014, and the news left many
heart broken fans

As you celebrate with your sisters...We wish you to continue being happy...

Taken by Taeyeon via Instagram (2013)

Taken by Taeyeon via Instagram (2013)

Taken by Taeyeon via Instagram (2013)

What's your wish YoonA? :)

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