Friday, April 11, 2014

Taeyeon on B-ing Fan Meeting

Taeyeon delighted the Thai SONEs and fans for the big fan meeting on B-ing's event. The leader of the Girls' Generation, although attended the event alone, received love and support. She also enjoyed the event by answering questions and posing for some photos!

Taeyeon was overwhelmed by the support of the Thai SONEs as they held they banners saying "Always here".

Taeyeon seems teary because of the support of the fans

The dedicated fans who lined up outside the venue
before the fan meeting

Credits to Tem!Tem and to other contributors!

It is incredible whenever the host her name, the crowd seems like going for berserk! Most especially when Taeyeon starts to speak.

Always Here Project

Fan Meeting

Press Conference

Credits to Bugaboo.TV

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