Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Sunny: Very Strong…”Girls’ Generation is Strong.”

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny dubbed as Jewel, the blue parrot in animated film “Rio 2.” In prequel “Rio,” Jewel met another blue parrot Blue. In “Rio 2,” Jewel becomes Blue’s wife, having three kids. Even though it is just dubbing, “girl” Sunny started to act characters that are married. Girls’ Generation already had 7 years since their debut.

During those 7 years, Girls’ Generation also had many changes. The biggest change must be their relationships and love life. Tiffany is dating 2PM’s Nichkhun, Sooyoung actor Kyung Ho Jung. Even though they broke up, Hyoyeon also dated with the author Jun Hyung Kim. These events are all recent. There were no precedents where one idol group’s members are in relationships simultaneously, and when they were also publicized. 

To use Sunny’s expression, Jewel in “Rio 2” is “a wife like a father.” She needs to take care of the children as well as the introverted husband Blue. Sunny said, “Jewel is similar in many ways so the dubbing was not too hard.” She also confessed “I hope the people around me are also as strong as Jewel.”

“When there’s a member of Girls Generation having a hard time, I always advise them ‘Don’t shy away from it; do it yourself and get over it.’ Of course Girls’ Generation is doing well on their own, but if someone asks for help I always tell them to choose the path to become stronger.”

Naturally, curiosity rose about Girls’ Generation’s recent activities. A girl group’s love life always draws the most attention. Even if the celebrity has gotten used to the life as celeb, it is not easy for their privacy to be exposed. Although it was just a happening, Hyoyeon did get investigated by the police.

Sunny did not try to explain or make excuses. She only said,

“Girls’ Generation is strong.”

In Korea, they are 26 years old. For they are in the middle of their 20s, assumption could be made that they were confused and worried, but this youth certainly have been growing stronger than anyone else.

“Our personality is not dependent. I don’t get easily lonely. I think I spend my time alone very well. I play with my puppy, watch TV, or work with my Lego or puzzles. Being home alone is not hard.”

Mature Sunny got even more mature as she worked on the dubbing of “Rio 2.” As she dubbed as the parrot with family, she started to have positive thoughts about family as well. “Jewel, who leads her family, made me think ‘That would be a happy life,’” and also ‘I sometimes envied Jewel’.”

Her answer to the question “who should watch “Rio 2” was also very Sunny.

“Although I think it would mostly be children who would watch, I think everyone should come and watch. In “Rio 2,” there are many aspects of life that anyone can agree with. Agreeing with the content and enjoying the music, you will feel healed by the end of the 101 minutes of running time.

“Rio 2” will be released in Korea on May 1st.


Translated by: hyoyoonkatekim @ thesonesource

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