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Sunny and Siwan on '맥스무비/Max Movie' Magazine May App

Sunny of Girls' Generation and the actor Siwan are featured on '맥스무비/Max Movie' Magazine May App

Credits to 맥스무비 매거진 App

[Trans] Sunny's Interview with Max Movie 

Q: Do you watch animated movies often?
Sunny: Yes, I really love animated movies. Recently, I watched Up again!

Q: This is your second time dubbing after Koala Kid. Because you have done it before, was it a bit easier?
Sunny: Honestly, dubbing feels different, hard and new every time. The director of dubbing, Won Bin Park, is the one who produced many of the animated movies of my childhood. To help me understand, he mentioned his previous works, and I was so excited that those were what I watched as a kid. That’s why I trusted him totally. When I first dubbed, I wasn’t as confident, and I worried a lot. This time, I tried my best to do what the director told me to.

Q: I heard you have received compliments on a specific part?
Sunny: Yes, the director told me that I express the sound effects, like breaths, apart from the lines very well. The fact that I got complimented boosted my confidence up.

Q: What was your hardest part?
Sunny: In Rio 2, I had to call my husband Blue “자기야” (honey, darling). I had lines like “Right, darling?” and I felt so awkward. As I listened to myself, I even felt more awkward so that was my hardest part.

Q: So how did you overcome that?
Sunny: Because I couldn’t say “자기야” easily, the director let me listen to the male lead role’s voice. But because it was before Lim Si Wan dubbed, I kept calling Jesse Eisenberg “자기야!”

Q: What is the appeal of dubbing?
Sunny: I feel that oneself can go back to childhood is the most appealing part. Because I love animated movies so much, the fact that I am part of it makes me fill with emotions every time I dub.

Q: If you were to boast about Rio 2?
Sunny: Rio 2 has various genres of soundtrack. In some ways, there are more singing than lines. And also because there are new genres of music, it would not feel boring. To watch it for the music would be good. Rio 2 also has a good story line, on top of the fantastic music, so please come and watch it!


Translation credit: hyoyoonkatekim @ thesonesource

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