Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jessica and Krystal's Adventure on LA

Jessica of Girls' Generation and her younger sister Krystal of f(x) recently flew to LA to have some shoot for W Korea.
5월 마감중, 저는 6월호를 위해 공항에 왔습니다. 취재진들이 저와 같이 길을 걷는 이유는?! 벌써 뉴스에 뜬, 정자매(제시카, 크리스탈)과 함께하기 때문이지요! 쿨한 그녀들과 함께할 여행길. 기대하세요! #jessica#krystal#정수정 

They will also attend the event of Jimmy Choo in LA.

LA의 작렬하는 태양을 마주한 매력녀들! 그냥 서 있는건데, 마냥 예뻐서 너도 나도 엄마 미소 아빠 미소 💯🙆 #jessica #krystal #정자매 #jimmychoo #LA 

"Photoshoot in LA with the Jung Sisters...", by yshir IG

Video :

At the same time, the setting would be the pilot episode of the upcoming reality show featuring the two sisters. The working title is "Jessica & Krystal" that will show the never-before-seen daily lives being as Idols and as well as their relationship with each other.

This was made possible by OnStyle and is intended to have 10 episodes of 60 minutes per broadcast. The first episode will be aired on May 6 @11pm.
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