Friday, April 18, 2014

An Icy Birthday for the Ice Princess

Just imagine that it is winter with the temperature below 0 degrees (though it is officially summer).
Today is the birthday of an extraordinaire member of Girls' Generation, Jessica, real name - Jung SooYeon.

An advisory:
Because of the unforeseen tragedy happened recently in South Korea, all the fans are asked not to celebrate grande on Jessica's birthday. You can still greet her on her SNS but keep in mind that the whole Nation is still mourning for the accident and in a complete search for any survivals. I guess, Jessica also feels the same way.

She and her sister Krystal of f(x) are very close than before.

She is one the members with beauty and fashion CFs and promotions

Jessica has a habit of drinking water before doing a live stage.

When she is scared, she starts to make dolphin sounds and kicks anything at sight.

Since the American Animated Movie Frozen has been released, fans are starting to
make fiction stories and art related to Jessica as Elsa and Krystal as Anna.
It is because, Jessica is known to many as the "Ice Princess"
Credits to the owner of the photo.

Jessica, along with Tiffany, were born in U.S. before their debut.
Jessica is from San Francisco, while Tiffany is from Los Angeles
in California.

Jessica is one of the lead singers.

When she is angry, she tends to cry.

It is said that she would choose sleeping over eating. There was once an
incident that she was reported missing, but it turns out that she is in
a bath tub and sleeping. Although, she sleeps for about 12 hrs. she
never paid a fine for waking up late. And in order to wake her up,
one has to make her laugh.

Jessica is one of the longest trainee in SM for 7 years, along with Hyoyeon.
They also often fight but that is because they known each other well.
They even bullied Yuri during their trainee years and for over a year,
they made Yuri use honorifics when talking to them although they
are in the same age.

The "Sica Effect", according to Jessica herself, is a state where the atmosphere
suddenly turns cold at her presence. One of the reason why she is called the "Ice

Jessica is fluent in speaking English and she has a habit
in walking like a sergeant and has various facial

Before being a trainee, an agent spotted Krystal and asked her to join
SM, but their mother didn't let her because Krystal is still young.
Instead, Jessica became a trainee and Krystal followed.

In one of the episodes in "Hell Baby", Sica and YoonA pranked the
members and put too much salt to the kimbap that they made.
In revenge, SooYoung made cereals mixed with salt.

She has a "S Line" body.  Before she was lined in singing, she is considered to be
one of the best dancers in the group. Hence, there is never a doubt that she is lazy.

She has a Wiebo account, a Chinese version of Twitter, and the Chinese fans
call her Mao Mao meaning "little cat" or "kitty".

Credits to 70 Jessica Icy Facts
See the previous post for her birthday in 2013

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